“the ocean be my touchstone, upon it’s waters I am roam,

but you be my compass, and lead my good heart home”

Glen Manor House, Newport, RI

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  • WOW, Michelle! What a beautiful wedding and THE-place-to-be! Perfection! xox

  • Gorgeous work, Michelle! Love that shot of her coming down the stairs.

…God covered their eyes and shielded their hearts…

…until the right time came…

Khris’s words on their wedding day.

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  • Really beautiful work here, Michelle. Such great feelings coming from these images. Congrats Paige and Khristopher!

  • Beautiful wedding for Paige and Chris and his words were beautiful.

So the hubster drops my camera…on the concrete…then I have to pay Stella to go out and shoot  1 roll of film so I can send it off the next day and wait 10 days to know if my camera still works.

True story.  Thank goodness it was only the $200 lens hood I had just purchased that kicked the bucket…I am both sarcastic and relieved about that.

Just for the sake of drama we will pretend this was recent and not 3 months ago…;)

Happy Sunday oh whooops it’s Wednesday…oh well.

shot on Portra 800.

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