Yay, am so excited to be a celebrity photographer teaching again over at the Chic Critique Forum and this is your chance to learn from me.  I had a blast last time and am so excited to it again!

Chic Critique is THE elite resource for women who love photography. Their Celebrity Photographers (that’s me!) encourage, inspire, teach, and critique members. Get your CHIC on to increase confidence and improve your images.

During the month of March I’ll be doing Image Critiques for photographers via video! What better way to improve your images than from somebody you trust?

A “4-week Critique” is a private class where Chic members simply post images once a week for 4 weeks and get VIDEO critiques from a Celebrity Photographer

  • All critiques are given in VIDEO format so that you can listen and watch what the Celebrity is referring to

  • Lessons & assignments are not given, simply critique

  • Each 4-week critique starts the first Monday of every month

  • Each active student posts 3 images once a week anytime between Monday-Wednesday

  • The Celebrity Photographer responds to each active student’s image post anytime between Thursday-Saturday

  • Each Critique class will consist of only 10 active students

  • A private classroom on the forum will be setup for each 4-week Critique

  • Offered exclusively to members & costs $8 per active student and $45 per “Chic Peek” silent student

My Photo Critique begins March 3-29, 2014


You can sign up here! Do it already!!!

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After years of photographing weddings, I am coming the realization that wedding guests these days need a nice little reminder of what being a good guest looks like .  It’s easy to forget!  We live in a world of instant gratification, and social media…and everyone has a camera or phone that takes pictures. I’m not going to post the many many pictures I have where guests at weddings I have photographed, have bombed my professional photo of an important moment in the day.  I adore my Bride and Grooms too much to call out people they love and care about.  What’s the point in that after the fact? So what I’m going to do , is lay out in black and white, what a guest should act like on the wedding day of someone they love. In hopes of keeping the beauty of a wedding ceremony intact.

1.  At no time during the precessional(when the wedding party/bride walk down the isle) or recessional (when the bride and groom and wedding party walk back up the isle) should you put any part of your body in the isle.  This includes your arms outstretched with your camera/phones.  ;)  Use those arms to gasp/applaud/fist pump(whatever you like) the bride or the new Mr. and Mrs. within the confines of your isle.

2. When the bride and groom have their first kiss, do not step into the isle to get a shot with your camera.  I can assure you, they want the professional picture!

3. Do not try to get family shots when the photographer is.  This always results in someone looking at your camera and not the professionals.  I’m sure it is annoying to the bride and groom to have someone looking another direction in an important photo.

4. You shouldn’t ask the professional photographer for a mini-shoot with your family.  ;)  I’m sure the photographer would give you a card and schedule a shoot for you, if you’d like. Wedding day time is precious and schedules need to be adhered to.

5. Be aware of the professional photographer and consider the fact that the bride and groom have paid them a lot of money to be there and capture the day.  Do not be that person that is in all the pictures with your camera.  The bride and groom will see it, and they will wish it had not happened like that.

For the Bride and Groom:

I know that this is a tricky subject.  You’re worried about offending the people you love and care about.  I can assure you that anyone who loves you will respect your wishes and not even think twice.  They will be happy to have experienced the emotion of the moment, and not the gratification of having gotten the shot.

Unsure of how to word it or how to do it?  Check these out…






You could also put that info on your wedding site and in your program.  I have even seen wedding invites with unplugged cards in them.

Need more ideas…search unplugged wedding!

Over and out.

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  • Nice post, i really love your photos and your blog!!!

…well, you all know how I feel about Matilda Jane and if you don’t then you should read here.  Quite simply, Matilda Jane=happiness, love, strength of character, and plain ole girly giddiness.  MJC and it’s office of girls have been in my life for 6 years.  I adore them so…

If you haven’t gotten any Matilda Jane lately for your girls, or your ladies(gents) then you should head on over to www.matildajaneclothing.com and get your favorite pieces before they are gone.

Want this outfit?  It’s the Miss Fancy Tank Dress, Old Gold Cardigan, and Orion tights.

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  • She’s georgeus, i love the colors and the details.. love it!!!!

  • Jess

    OMG these are GORGEOUS!!! I HEART these so much!!