…Courtney and her Mark…

…on the streets of Philadelphia…

I love it when my job takes me to new places, and more importantly, when it takes me to fabulous people.  Take Courtney and Mark for example…Ah-mazing.  Courtney actually sent me a travel package in the mail before our session to make my flight from St. Louis to Philadelphia a bit easier.  Talk about thoughtful!!  Then there’s Mark…hands down, one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met.  My guts were sore for two days, from laughing at him.  Plus, he is handy…like makes things that would get “pinned” a gazillion times handy. Not to mention they treated me to the best…can you guess…PHILLY cheesesteak I’ve ever had!

To say that I am ecstatic to be spending the most important day of their lives with them, is an understatement.  I am literally bursting at the seams to hang with them again in Rhode Island in June.  See you two soon!! XOXO

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  • Oh my… that black and white shot through the car window is magical. LOVE it!

  • Annika

    Super love this session! You’ve outdone yourself.

…Kelsey and her Evan…film…

…What a beautiful day we had for Kelsey and Evan’s wedding day…well, minus the 104 degree heat and 90% humidity.  Even with those elements working against us, everyone was jolly and ready to celebrate  Kelsey, Evan, and their love.

This is my first all film post.  Just a quick peeksy into their gorgeous day.  Congratulations you two!! Adore you and your families! XO

Wedding Coordination, Event Planning- Simply and Forever

Reception Venue- Wine Country Gardens

Bride’s dress- Liancarlo- Fleur De Lis Bridal

Groom’s Suits- Jos A Banks

Florist- Les Bouquets

Make-up- Holly Speakes

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…Stella and her Matilda Jane…

My daughter is a multitude of different things and to be honest that person of hers changes almost daily.  That’s okay.  I don’t need to fit her into the mold of a perfect person and I certainly don’t want her to try to fit herself into one, especially at the age of 7.  What I do want,  is for her to feel free enough to explore the person she will become.  To know that there is beauty in change, that who you are today isn’t who you have to be tomorrow.

Every time she puts on her Matilda Jane she becomes free.  Free to be the seven year old little girl that she is.  She isn’t bound by accessories…she becomes the accessory in her world.  She isn’t held by too short shorts that make her feel insecure, she’s freed by a giddiness that illuminates from the designs.

We arrived to take pictures and she jumped out of the car, ran to the edge of the water and lifted her arms and face to the setting sun.  It took my breath away and I almost forgot to take a picture of it.  My little hippie…so much like me.  A spirit soothed by the sun on her face.  Drawing life from the feeling of being surrounded by God and his beautiful creations.

This was immediately followed by a bout of the giggles.

My free girl. My happy girl…my girl who is ALL the things a girl should be…thanks to her Matilda Jane.

a girl and her Matilda Jane…



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  • Kim Marquis

    So stinking beautiful! She has your personality and looks like you. Love ‘em!!!!

  • juliana

    I know photographers never share their locations, but seriously what state is this gorgeousness taking place in? stunning location, and of course stunning child and magic light :)

  • Jenny

    I love all of these especially the image of her throwing the sand.I love your words just as much. A beautiful post.

  • Jennifer Crowe

    Love these images! :) That location is one of my family’s favorite places to be and I love doing sessions there. So different from everywhere else around here!!! Beautifully done as always!

  • jami

    That smile, that laugh. Miss that little kitten!

  • Your girl is so beautiful and shines so brightly!!

  • valerie koop-johnson

    Oh how I love this series.

…Audrey and her Kyle…

This little wedding was perfect. They said from the beginning they wanted a victorian vibe and that’s exactly what came to be.  Executed to perfection.  Audrey’s uncle created all the flower arrangements, and the look really complimented the Piper Palm House.  The day wouldn’t have been so smooth (or fun) had it not been for Kristin Ashley Events.  So a huge thanks to Kristin.


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  • Michelle!! this wedding is GORGEOUS!!! I love her dress…and those photos in the garden from above…so ridiculous!! xo

…Sandy and Alan…NYC engagement…

…Sandy and Alan live in Brooklyn, in the most adorable little neighborhood, with the best ramen noodle restaurant, and ice cream shop.  It may have been the hottest day of the year, but we had so much FUN! We galavanted around for hours exploring and smiling and chit chatting about their upcoming wedding.  They are both creatives so we had lots of great things to share with each other.  They were both so warm and such great hosts for our  afternoon together.  Thank you Sandy and Alan!  While they made sure I was taken care of, their stylist Shinae made sure they looked perfect.  Well done lady, well done!

I also shot some film, I’ll have to share that soon too! Stay tuned!

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  • Yay Brooklyn! Michelle–this is so beautiful! AHH love it!

  • these are lovely! what a great variety of stuff you got too… the woods shots look like they were in the middle of a forest!