Hello! My name is Michelle. I’m a wedding and family photographer in Naples and the surrounding areas.

I’m a professional model who has been working exclusively as part of my job for four years. I’ve made many wonderful experiences and memories, and there is nothing better than doing something you love! My passion is what pays my bills; performing modeling jobs on the internet is an opportunity I didn’t want to miss.

When hiring a photographer, carefully examine the price of photography to ensure you are getting excellent value for money.

Keep in mind that a photographer’s job entails considerably more than simply the photographer and the camera. In this discipline, you should not skimp on expenses since your make-up will flow or your hair will fall out – everything will be visible in the photograph, and the photographer won’t be able to fix it.

As a wedding photographer, I can put up an agreement with clients that specifies every shot taken during the event, as requested.

I promise a high-quality product, a good mood, and on-time delivery of work. You can learn more about the working conditions and pricing for a wedding photo session at the site.