Best Photo Spots in Orange County

Looking for the greatest Orange County picture spots? Southern California offers one of the most diverse arrays of picturesque locations in the world. From stunning golden sand beaches like Laguna to enchanted forests and parks, there is no place like Orange County! We’ll also reveal some exclusive hidden photograph spots that only seasoned photographers and locals are aware of!

Victoria Beach

This is without a doubt my most requested spot, and you will see why as soon as your toes sink into the sand! Victoria Beach is one of the finest spots in Southern California to watch the sunset. It has an ancient Pirate Tower and a unique natural pool. The view varies with the tide, bringing in and removing sand.

Jeffrey Road Open Space Trail

This is a stunning location for family photographs that’s accessible, beautiful, and kid-friendly all year! This is my favorite place to shoot family pictures because of the lovely trees and rocky pathways! However, this location becomes clogged with photographers between October and December, so book ahead early.

Crystal Cove State Beach

At the top of Burnt Ship Bay, you’ll find an island that’s covered with palm trees. The purple of the water adds to the beauty. Although you can’t swim in these waters due to their depth, this is still a great photo location! Perched on top of a cliff at Emerald Cove.

San Juan Capistrano Mission

Looking for historical sites with ancient architecture? San Juan Capistrano is the greatest location for this! This makes a wonderful backdrop for a vintage-themed photo shoot, from its old cobblestone walls to enormous church bells. There’s also a train station nearby if you want to take more pictures!

Newport Beach Winery

What? Is there a Grape Vineyard in Newport Beach? That was my first thought when I heard about it. It also features an extensive and lovely Grape Vineyard as well as a subterranean wine vault! This is truly a secret haven in Newport Beach, with a huge and magnificent Grape Vineyard!

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